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Thru-hiking Tips

Posted by Zen Ecomms on
Thru-hiking Tips

An end to end long distance backpacking hike, thru-hiking is not like any weekend or week long hiking trip - it challenges the limits of your body, and tests the strength of your mind.

Beginning the second you’ve made your decision, your thru-hiking experience involves a lot of planning — planning your route, meals, logistics from the start and at the end of the trip, and the most important of all, your gear.

Every minute on the trail counts when you’re trying to cover as much distance as you can each day. With a reliable light source that you can depend on, you can continue your journey and cover more ground even after the sun sets.

At Ledlenser, we have lights for any occasion. When it comes to the perfect companion for a thru-hiker, our recommendation is the MH10.

Compact and weighing less than 5.6 ounces, the MH10 offers 3 power modes to choose from: economical, medium and light output. This headlamp is protected against water splashing from any direction and has a transportation lock to make sure the light won’t be turned on accidentally. Featuring red and green filters to preserve night vision or wildlife observation, you can trust this tiny light to be your guide at night.

Perfect for long journeys, the MH10 is powered by a single 18650 Rechargeable Battery, providing the headlamp a run time of up to 120 hours. With a built-in USB 3.0 charging system, this headlamp is also compatible with the Flex 7 Powerbank — not only perfect for charging your headlamp, but also serves as a secure place to store your batteries.

Light weight, durable and long lasting, PowerUP your adventure with Ledlenser today.

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