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Whether you want a powerful and bright LED flashlight during your nighttime fishing, or need a long-lasting, reliable flashlight during night shifts, or just convenient easy-to-use lighting to do some work in your basement - our selection of LED flashlights is a great place to find “the one” with just the right level of functionality.

Market Leading LED Flashlights

At Ledlenser, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best lighting solutions possible. Our designs feature the combination of outstanding German quality and the latest technological advances available in the industry. Our selection of LED flashlights is no exception. They’re high-quality, durable, functional and versatile.

Here are a few reasons why our LED flashlights will be a great addition to every toolbox and backpack:

  • Convenience. Our flashlights are very convenient to use: most of the models are compact and lightweight, equipped with a variety of light functions, and the framing is solid and durable. Damage resistant from external factors and the option to adjust the lighting according to the appropriate situation, our flashlights practice versatility at its best. We carry a variety of flashlights that have a flat base which provides extra stability for when set down. So whether you are looking for an LED flashlight for your camping trip or for a personal project at home, Ledlenser LED flashlights are the best option.
  • Light output. We offer a wide range of lumen outputs in our flashlights - there are models that can put out as much as 1400 lumens of floodlight as well as the models that give 18 lumens of spotlight and everything in between. Depending on whether you need to create wide, bright illumination to highlight your surroundings as if it was daytime or you just need a focused, moderately bright light to see some spot in detail - you will find a flashlight with the optimal light output for your needs.
  • Battery. In our collection of LED flashlights, we offer both rechargeable flashlights and battery-operated ones. For some situations such as night fishing, recharging the batteries might not be a viable option, while in other cases, replacement batteries might not be around. We give a wide range of LED flashlight power options that suit a multitude of scenarios.
  • Light options. Our LED flashlights have a wide variety of light options: from low power mode to S.O.S. and everything in between. So in case your job includes some unpredictable situations or you have agreed on some kind of signaling with your trekking buddies - our flashlights will have you covered.
  • IP class. The IP class of a flashlight defines its resistance against external factors like exposure to dust and water. There are a variety of different IP classes. For example, some flashlights will survive being immersed in up to 1.5m deep water for half an hour, while others are dust-proof and protected against powerful water jets, and others are designed only to withstand a light water splash. So depending on whether your flashlight is going through all the hardships of wilderness along with you or is staying in the comfort of your house, you can find the flashlight with the most suitable IP class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a LED flashlight?

There are a couple of criteria you might want to look at when choosing the right flashlight for you.

  • How bright do you need your flashlight to be? Would 120 lumens be enough? Or do you need a 1400 lumen flashlight? Think about how your flashlight would best serve you and choose the right lumen output accordingly.
  • Do you want a rechargeable flashlight or a battery-operated one? You need to assess whether you will be using the flashlight in the comfort and convenience of a place where it can be recharged or in the wilderness, where it is easier to just replace the batteries.
  • When it comes to batteries, also pay attention to how long you want the batteries to last. There are flashlight options with batteries that will last for 10 hours, as well as the ones with batteries that can work for up to 60 hours on low power mode.
  • Size and weight. Does it matter to you that your flashlight can fit into your pocket, or will a not-so-compact flashlight do it for you? And what about the weight of the flashlight? Consider these questions before deciding which flashlight checks all the boxes for you.
  • Light options. One of the important things to also keep in mind is that some of our LED flashlights are equipped with a variety of light options like strobe, blink, boost, S.O.S. etc. Think about whether you need this kind of function in your ideal flashlight.

After coming up with all the requirements for an optimal LED flashlight, browse our selection and find the perfect one for you!

How many lumens should a good flashlight have?

How many lumens a good flashlight should have is dependent on the intended use. For home use, anything between 20-150 lumens will do perfectly. If you want to use a flashlight for outdoor activities, it is recommended to purchase a slightly brighter option. For professional use, we offer LED flashlights with a 1000+ lumen output.

How many lumens does a self-defense flashlight need?

Anything between 300 and 1000 lumens should be enough for self-defense flashlights.

Are 2000 lumens bright enough for a flashlight?

The average flashlight for home use would have 20-150 lumens, so, yes, 2000 lumens make an extremely bright flashlight.

Are LED flashlights any good?

LED flashlights are one of the most modern and advanced types of flashlights. They are brighter, more efficient and more durable than traditional incandescent flashlights. The battery in this type of flashlight lasts longer and the flashlights do not react to drops, jolts and other sudden movements. Additionally, modern LED flashlights are usually appointed to a certain IP class, meaning they can withstand a certain level of exposure to potentially damaging external factors like dust and water. LED flashlights have more functionality and options in terms of light modes, so if you are looking for a model that could be used for signalling, LED flashlights will do it all for you.

All in all, LED flashlights are much more convenient in most aspects when compared to traditional flashlights.

Do LED flashlights last longer?

LED flashlights actually do last much longer compared to the traditional incandescent flashlights. LED flashlights usually last around 50,000 and 100,000 hours. LED flashlights are also more efficient than traditional flashlights, which only adds to their durability.

Although the quality of LED flashlights varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, LED flashlights are more durable and can withstand more, as the way they are designed gives more space for improvement.

Why are most flashlights made with LEDs?

LED flashlights are generally more efficient than traditional incandescent flashlights. For example, LED bulbs produce 100 lumens per watt, while incandescent bulbs produce only 8-10 lumens per watt. This also affects the flashlight’s battery - LED flashlight batteries last longer.

Do LED flashlights get dimmer over time?

LED flashlights will last long, but eventually, as time goes on, they will lose some of their brightness and performance until they stop producing light altogether. The good thing is that it doesn’t happen out of the blue, you will notice your LED flashlight getting gradually dimmer over time.

What is the most reliable flashlight?

Reliability depends on what it is that you are looking for in a flashlight. Ledlenser offers a wide variety of flashlights, including rechargeable and battery-operated ones, flashlights with different lumen outputs, different IP classes and various light functions. If you need a flashlight for outdoor activities, choose a brighter, battery-operated flashlight with the most versatile IP class, longer battery life and a variety of light functions for signalling. If you need a flashlight for home use, going for a bright option with lots of light functions might not really make sense, and reliability can be defined by the time in which the battery can be charged etc. Opt for the LED flashlights that seem the most reliable given your particular situation.

Do LED flashlights tend to get hot?

LED flashlights can get hot after using them in high power mode for some time. This can be an indication that the flashlight is working efficiently in dispelling the heat externally, away from the sensitive inner parts of the torch.