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At Ledlenser, we offer an extensive range of reliable, durable, high-quality LED headlamps to accompany you on outdoor adventures, completing home DIY tasks or carrying out night shift duties at work.

Innovation Driven LED Headlamps

Our flashlights and headlamps are the epitome of outstanding German quality combined with the latest technological advancements available in the industry. The Ledlenser collection of LED headlamps is no exception - they are one of the most convenient and functional lighting options possible.

Here are a few reasons why our LED headlamps offer safety, reliability and unwavering performance in a range of situations and circumstances:

  • Size and weight. Our headlamps are very comfortable to wear and use - they are lightweight, adjustable and sit securely on the head to enable you to move around freely without being worried it will slip. However, even though most of our LED headlamps are quite similar in terms of measurements and weight, it is still important to note that the models might differ a little in terms of the weight, the strap width, the strap and battery placement. There are headlamp options for kids available as well. So when choosing which LED headlamp to purchase, we recommend taking the comfort factor into consideration to choose the device that will work best for you.
  • Brightness. Our headlamps differ greatly in terms of lumen output they can produce and the distance they cover on certain power modes. We have LED headlamp models that can put out anything between 5 and 4000 lumens, as well as the headlamps that can illuminate from 2m to as far as 300m. Depending on whether you need your headlamp to just do some work around your house, where 30 to 100 lumens will suffice, or to go nighttime fishing or camping, where it is better to have more than 100 lumens of output, you can choose the one that will fit your needs best.
  • Battery options. In our collection, we offer both rechargeable LED headlamps and battery-operated ones. In some situations, it is more convenient to just switch batteries once the device runs out of power, while in some cases replacement batteries are not easily available, and a rechargeable headlamp becomes a much more logical option. So whether you are using our LED headlamp from the comfort of your home or taking it on a camping trip with you - you can find the battery option that will provide you with light and safety for as long as you need.
  • Light options. Some of our LED headlamps are equipped with additional light functions such as boost, blink, S.O.S. and others that are great for signalling. So if you are out in the wilderness or on duty at work, these functions might come in especially handy. On top of that, for some models, there are RGB and red light colors available. The advantage of having these colors in addition to the standard white and blue is that they might be much more useful when navigating through dark areas in certain conditions, for example, fog and smoke. Also, some colors are great for attracting certain species of fish and animals. In case you are planning a night fishing or camping trip, these light colors are something you might want to consider.
  • IP class. Have we mentioned that our LED headlamps are extremely durable? Partly it is because most of the models have a certain IP class, meaning they can withstand the effects of potentially damaging external factors such as dust and water. You can find a variety of IP class headlamps in our collection, from options that can bear water splashes to the ones that can be immersed in water for a short period of time. If your regular use of your headlamp involves doing something around the water source or coming into contact with dusty conditions - you can find a model that will be purpose built and able to hold up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the brightest LED headlamp?

In our collection, the brightest LED headlamp is the H19R Signature Headlamp, which can put out up to 4000 lumens on a high power mode and illuminate up to a 330m distance. At its brightest mode, this LED headlamp can work continuously for 3.5 hours. It is a great option for those who often need very bright lighting or for those who want to have such a level of brightness as an option. At its minimum, this headlamp model puts out 200 lumens, which is a good average amount for most nighttime activities.

However, if you are not sure you will ever need your LED headlamp that bright (and 4000 lumens is extremely bright), we advise you to opt for a lower output model that can put out anything between 15-20 lumens to 1000+ lumens.

What is the best LED headlamp?

It is hard to say what the best LED headlamp would be for you without knowing your needs and intended use for your new headlamp. There are a few factors to consider that should help you determine the best option for you:

  • All about the light. You need to think about how bright you want your LED headlamp to be, as well as whether you will be needing additional color options like RGB and red light available in your headlamp. On top of that, if you are planning on using the headlamp to pursue an outdoor hobby, like fishing, hiking or camping, you might want to think about if you need your LED headlamp to have varying light functions such as blink, boost, S.O.S. and others, as these can be advantageous during certain activities.
  • Battery. Lendlenser manufactures battery-operated headlamps as well as rechargeable ones. Somewhere in the remote outdoors, you might not always have a power socket available to recharge your headlamp, while at home you might not always have a pair of extra batteries - so, you can choose the type of battery that will have you covered best in the long term.
  • IP class. If the intended use of your LED headlamp use includes trips, camping near water sources, or maybe even visiting a dessert, it’s recommended to take the IP class of the headlamp into account. You might not necessarily need a proven waterproof LED headlamp for personal home use, but this might come in handy during fishing or other water based activities.
  • Last but not least - comfort. Although most of our LED headlamps are similar in terms of design and weight, it is still better if you take an extra step to ensure that everything in the headlamp, including the battery placement, strap width, adjustability, weight, is as comfortable for you as possible.

Are LED headlamps better than halogen?

LED headlamps are brighter, more energy-efficient, last longer and cast a wider and whiter light than halogen lights. If you are looking for a good, reliable, modern headlamp, LED headlamps are a great choice.

Are LED headlamps any good?

LED headlamps are a great portable lighting option, especially compared with older headlamp technologies. LED headlamps are functional, durable, energy-efficient, can be super bright, and can easily adjust to a variety of situations with all their light functions available.

Is it worth switching to LED headlamps?

LED headlamps are one of the most advanced headlamp types. They are very reliable, durable, energy-efficient and functional. So if you are in search of a headlamp that will serve you well for years to come, LED headlamps are a go-to.

What are the advantages of LED headlamps?

LED headlamps have a more advanced technological solution when it comes to the main light bulb, and that makes these headlamps more long-lasting and energy-efficient. On top of that, LED headlamps are able to withstand drops, knocks and a variety of external damage. They cast a more visually appealing white light that is closer to natural daylight than most of the older lighting options. All in all, the LED headlamp is a device that to this day has maximum advantages with very few drawbacks, utilizing the latest technology to provide an innovative portable lighting solution.

Which is better, halogen or LED?

LED headlamps provide a brighter, more energy-efficient, long-lasting performance and cast a whiter color than halogens, which is closer to imitating natural daylight.

Why are LEDs better?

LED headlamps are brighter than most of the more traditional lighting options. They produce a white light that is closer to natural daylight than other artificial sources. LED headlamps use less energy, cast a wider illumination, have more light functions and are more adjustable for a variety of situations and activities.