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Enjoy the convenience and compactness of our top-quality penlights anywhere from the workplace to outdoors.

We offer a wide range of strong and functional Ledlenser pen lights that feature a long battery life, Advanced Focus System, a good beam distance and lightweight framing.

High-Quality Penlights

Unparalleled German quality and advanced technology have been the driving force behind Ledlenser’s industry-leading lighting solutions. We offer reliable and consistent illumination to accompany any kind of task from nighttime fishing to home renovations to tactical use.

Our penlights are a great device to accompany you everywhere: at the workplace, in the pocket of your backpack on a camping trip or on your early morning jogs.

Here are a few key reasons why our penlights are a great addition to your collection of lighting devices:

  • Convenient. Our penlights are compact and lightweight - they don’t take up much space in your pocket and can be easily operated using one hand. The flashlights also feature practical clips that make it possible to attach to your shirt, belt or pocket.
  • Battery. We offer both battery-operated and rechargeable penlights. Depending on whether it is more convenient to charge your flashlight from an available power source or you prefer simply switching up the batteries from time to time, you can choose a penlight that would suit your situation and lifestyle perfectly.
  • Bright. While being ultra-compact, our penlights put out a surprising amount of lumens. Our selection of penlights includes models that can give off anything from 10 lumens on low power mode to 200 lumens on high power mode, which is just the right brightness to cover any kind of domestic, non-professional tasks or to assist as an additional source of light.
  • IP Class. The IP class of your flashlight defines its resistance to external factors such as water and dust. Some models can withstand splashes of water, while some hold up against deluges from all directions. You can consider these factors and choose a penlight that will fit your situation ideally.

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