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25 lm
60 m
6 h
25 lm
60 m
6 h

Ledlenser P3

Light and savvy.

The Ledlenser P3 is a high quality, powerful pen flashlight with a white LED light. Perfect to add to your car key ring, pocket or bag, this is a great everyday carry light that is focusable, thanks to Ledlenser’s iconic Advanced Focus System (AFS). AFS allows the user to quickly and seamlessly go from a broad up-close floodlight to a sharply focused long-distance beam. This Rapid Focus mechanism gets light to where you need to see most. While the P3 is compact in size – 3.67 inches in length and 1.23 ounces in weight – it packs a powerful punch with 25-lumen output, an almost 200-foot beam distance and a runtime of up to 6 hours.

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Special Information


High Power LED

This LED enables your Ledlenser to achieve high luminosity.


Light Functions

These settings are pure and bright:

  • Power - optimized light output


Turn, press or both - how to switch these Ledlensers on:

  • End Cap Switch - a switch on the end of the light (end cap)

Special Functions

That special something about this Ledlenser:

  • Advanced Focus System - single-handed adjustment of the focus to put light where it is needed


Safety features of this Ledlenser:

  • IPX4 - protection against water splashing from any direction


So that you can enjoy your light for a long time, every Ledlenser casing is made of high-quality metal. In this instance, it's aluminium to ensure especially light handling.

Technical Details

Ledlenser P3


  • LED Configuration 1 x High Power LED
  • Luminosity1 MAX 25 lm
  • Lighting Range1 60 metres
  • Battery Duration1 MAX 6 h

Battery and Casing

  • Battery 1 x Micro (AAA) 1.5V
  • Water Resistance IPX4
  • Rechargeable No

Height and Weight

  • Length (defocused) 90 mm
  • Head Diameter 19 mm
  • Weight 35 g

Product Contents

Ledlenser P3

In the box:

  • P3
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