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The new F1R


The F1R is the most powerful, compact flashlight to hit LED LENSER. This innovative light is equipped with an impressive 1000 lumen output. It also comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and IPX8 waterproof housing all squeezed into a 4.5 inch light. Functional features include a USB port charger, tactical ring for breaking glass and a variable clip which allows the user to pin the light to surfaces in either direction.

“We really wanted to take the brightness and rechargeable features of our most powerful lights and pack it all into our popular F1,” said Chris Currah, LED LENSER Product Manager. “Then a multitude of people can use the F1R: tactical, professional, even the everyday consumer can use this light for different reasons. It’s an impressive little light you can have anywhere with you.”

The F1R is available online at now.


  • Steve says:

    Received the F1R last week and in my opinion it is the best new Led Lenser flashlight to come out this year. I noticed immediately that it does not have the Spot/Flood feature that is included in most Led Lenser products, and soon found out after turning it on that the F1R is super bright and the perfect combination of spot and flood. No spot/flood feature needed with this light. Several years ago I purchased my first Led Lenser which was the X7/21 which also had a claimed 1000 lumen output. The X7/21 was so large it came included with a shoulder strap. It’s a great light and I still use it on occasion but I’m amazed that the 1000 lumen F1R fits in the palm of my hand.Great job Led Lenser !

  • Steve says:

    Very interested in the F1R, whowever I’m curious as to why Led Lenser don’t put in several interchangeable lenses, one for spot one for flood one for in between. I have the F1 and the lense can be popped in and out easily, the F1R is exactly the same. Come on Lenser, isn’t this an obvious step?

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