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The Best Lights for Runners

Posted by Zen Ecomms on
The Best Lights for Runners


With so many of us living such fast paced lives, finding time throughout the day to run can be tough. This is a major reason why often people decide to run in the early hours of the morning, or late at night. While this is convenient from a life perspective, often running in the dark adds an extra layer of difficult. But it doesn’t have to!

Below are our tips to choosing the best portable lighting solution, so help you run at any time of day (or night):

  • No-one wants to carry additional weight while they are running, so a lightweight headtorch is the best option. We designed our NEO4 headlamp specifically so you can run without holding a torch in your hand, but is comfortable on your head. This product provides you with a front light solution with a rear battery pack, meaning the weight is distributed from the front to the back of your head and won’t cause any bounce movement. It’s easy to use, with a front switch that can change from low to high beam in once simple movement.
  • Safety while running, especially in the dark, is particularly important. Make sure you choose a product that has a red light at the rear of the headlamp on the battery pack so people can easily spot you from behind, like our NEO6R.
  • If you don’t enjoy running with a headlamp on, choose a product that you can attach the headlamp to the chest strap, so your product caters to whatever style of activity you are doing.
  • Another piece of advice that runners often find helpful, is choosing a portable lighting device that has ‘Wide Beam’ technology – meaning instead of staring at a small spotlight, you will get a full wide beam view to clearly see your surroundings. Both our NEO4 and NEO6R have this rare technology, as well as a 40 hour run time.
  • You don’t want any excuses not to exercise in the rain, so it’s also crucial to opt for a product that is safe to get wet. Our NEO Series have an IP rating of 57 so you will be protected from any downpour you may experience (just don’t go swimming with it!).

For more information, or for any questions you have, get in touch!

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