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The Best Lights to Use for Your Tent Adventures

Posted by Zen Ecomms on
The Best Lights to Use for Your Tent Adventures

While camping, it is essential to have effective lighting inside the tent, especially while setting up your sleeping back, air mattresses or while reading a book. However, using gigantic lanterns is outdated in this portable lighting era.

These days, there are so many great choices when it comes to compact and lightweight products. At Ledlenser, our top picks are the ML4 and ML6. This range offers mini lanterns that are fully designed to be compact, lightweight, and effective.



The ML4 lantern is so lightweight (71 grams to be exact) that you can carry it anywhere, and being 10cm long it is the perfect torch for your tent adventures. It produces 300 lumens of output, but you can also reduce the brightness levels through 3 additional power settings depending how much light you need.

This item also has a magnetic recharging system, meaning it can last for 45 hours if the low recharge mode is turned on. However, it can also function on single AA battery, meaning you will never be left in the dark.

The design of this lantern provides a carabiner hook and a flat base so that it can be easily accessed anywhere in your tent, and it also has a florescent ring at the bottom to make it visible in the dark.

See what Australian Geographic had to say about the ML4 as a camping light.



The ML6 is like big brother of ML4. Along with features of ML4 and attractive lightweight design, this lantern also has more functions in red and white light and additional features such as the SOS mode.

ML6 is not only a rechargeable lantern, but it also acts as a power bank to charge your smart devices at the same time.

Its 70-hour run time in low mode and user-friendly light adjustment settings including + and – buttons make ML6 an ideal lantern for long camps. This model also includes a hook and a magnetic base, so you can easily place the lantern on metal surfaces or can hang them inside your tent.

Lastly, the IP54 protection prevents the lantern from getting damaged in the rain, so there is no need to worry about the weather!

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