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Van life Lighting

Posted by Zen Ecomms on
Van life Lighting



Picking the right lighting for your van is important – with proper lighting, not only can it make tasks easier, it can change the mood and improve your life on the road.

Identification of your surroundings and potential threats, self-defense, emergency preparation and even just conserving your phone battery, these are just four examples of the immediate benefits of adding a portable light to your everyday carry.

When answering the question of which light is right for the job, you should take a couple of things into consideration.


  • Objective: where and what do you intend to use this light for? For practicality you should look for a light that is high in luminosity, and a warmer light may be more suited for ambient or general lighting.
  • Luminosity: or brightness, is measured in lumens. Keep in mind that brighter is not necessarily better – an overly bright bedroom may affect your quality of sleep, and a dimly-lit working area may make it hard to focus.
  • Color Temperature: the lower the Kelvin units, the warmer the light. A warm light would be good for ambient and mood lighting, while a cooler light will be good for task-based areas (e.g. workspace).


Don’t make your van lighting an afterthought. For a brighter van life on the road, check below for our picks:


ML6 Connect Warm Light – General Illumination


If you’re looking to set a cosy ambient mood this is the lantern for the job. The ML6 will provide efficient, glare-free and targeted lighting, with remote control capability through the Ledlenser Connect App.. A rechargeable lantern-power bank hybrid featuring various mounting options, the WL6 Connect Warm Light is made for the campervan life.

RRP: $119.95


iF4R Music – Practical Illumination


Ledlenser’s first ever light paired with a Bluetooth speaker, this area light shines up to 2,500 lumens of light, with 5 different brightness levels for you to choose the right luminosity for the job. With a strong magnet base that you can use to attach to metal surfaces, simply pivot and tilt to direct the light exactly where you need it, so your hands are always free for the job. Illuminate your workspace and brighten your mood with the iF4R Music!

RRP: $249.95


MH11 – Practical Illumination


Guiding you on your next journey and beyond, the MH11 is the flagship of the Ledlenser MH headlamp collection. With the headlamp’s Bluetooth smartphone connection feature, you can personalize and switch between high, medium and low light output for every situation – from after-dark expeditions to a reading light. Not only rechargeable, the MH11 also comes with a battery status indicator so that you can know when it’s time to PowerUp your light.

RRP: $159.95


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