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Best Hiking and Trekking Flashlights

At Ledlenser, we are all about combining outstanding German quality, innovative technologies and convenient and sleek designs to make perfect hiking and trekking flashlights. Here are a few important points to consider when choosing the right flashlight for your adventures in wilderness:

  • Rechargeable flashlights with long run time. Our range of trekking and hiking flashlights is equipped with rechargeable batteries that have long run time - some of the models, once charged, can go up to 144 hours on low-power mode. Depending on how long your trekking or hiking trip is and whether you will have an opportunity to charge it, you can choose a perfect option for yourself.
  • Beam distance. This is an important aspect of hiking and trekking flashlights to consider as it determines the range of distance the gadget will be able to light - which might be crucial for some trips. We provide some options that can work on up to whooping 335 m distance on the power-mode. 
  • Light options. We offer hiking and trekking flashlights that are equipped with emergency functions such as boost, S.O.S., strobe and more to make sure you have an opportunity to signal during your trip. You can pick a flashlight that has the set of light functions that fits your trip scenario best.
  • IP class. Flashlight’s IP class indicates whether the flashlight can withstand external factors such as water and dust, and if it does to what extent it can do that. Our range of flashlights has a variety of IP classes. Depending on what kind of scenarios your trip might involve, you can take into account when choosing the best fit for your hike or trek.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good flashlight for hiking?

The best hiking flashlight will have some key elements, including good run time, strong beam distance and multiple light functions. Long hikes will continue after the sun has set so the best flashlights for hiking at night will include emergency options such as SOS signalling, and blink mode for attracting attention. While undertaking a hike you will need to ensure your hiking flashlight is small and compact so you can include it in your pack with ease.

Why do you need flashlight in hiking?

A hiking flashlight is essential on any hike, but particularly if you are heading deep into the wilderness or undertaking a multi-day hike. Not only will the light perform its regular functions to assist you in navigating in the dark, it can also provide emergency options to draw attention to you if you need help on your hike.

How many lumens do I need for hiking?

Ideal lumen output for the best hiking flashlights can vary according to time of year and seasonal conditions. Typically, a 400 lumen hiking torch light should provide sufficient light for a hike, however if there is heavy snow and extreme winter conditions you may opt for a 1000 lumen flashlight.

Why are Ledlenser’s flashlights trusted by professional hikers?

Ledlenser flashlights are the preferred choice of professional hikers due to the superior engineering, sleek design and technical functions. Not only are Ledlenser flashlights user friendly they provide solutions for exact conditions that hikers will face in the wild. Ledlenser also give a 7 year warranty for all flashlights.