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There is nothing more invigorating and excitingly unpredictable than a good hunt. And a perfect way to make your hunting adventures a top-notch experience is to have one of our hunting flashlights accompany you!

Best Hunting Flashlights

Hunting is an exciting, tough, yet delicate process, that requires not just any kind of flashlight but a special one. At Ledlenser, we are all about putting thought into our products and adding a factor of “impossible” with our technological advancements, and that’s why our collection of hunting flashlights will be your safest bet.

Here are a few points to guide you through our collection and help you make the best choice:

  • Light Color. Light might scare animals away, and different animals can be sensitive to different types of light. That’s why we provide quite a range of colors for you to choose from: red light, white light, RGB. Depending on what kind of hunting game you’re going for, you can choose the one that will suit your needs best.
  • A variety of light functions. Our hunting flashlights are packed with a wide variety of light functions available. Everything from spot beam capabilities to S.O.S. light to have you fully covered for any adventure on the hunting ground.
  • Big beam distance. Being able to illuminate a large amount of space is one of the key moments of nighttime hunting - and that depends on the beam distance of your hunting flashlight. We offer flashlights with the beam distance up to 720 m - enough to make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings in the dark.
  • Rechargeable. Having a hunting flashlight that can be charged is one of the essential points for not only your convenience but also your safety during hunting. Our hunting flashlight models are rechargeable, and, once charged, can be used for the longest time.
  • Brightness. It’s important that you always have the option to regulate your flashlight’s brightness when out in the wild: sometimes you might need your flashlight on a low power mode to provide some light in your tent, sometimes you need it working on full power and illuminating a long distance ahead of you. Almost all of our hunting flashlights offer different levels of brightness - you can find the one with perfect options for your hunting style.

If you want to look at a little bit different flashlights that might be useful for hunting as well, shop our Sports Flashlights and Outdoor Flashlights collections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a flashlight when hunting?

Yes a flashlight is a great light source when preparing for a hunt, either a flashlight with in-built color capabilities or the addition of color filters are essential for a hunt. White light has been found to not disturb animals as much as once thought however the type of game you are hunting will change your lighting needs. Red and green light are often preferred while hunting as they go undetected by a wide range of animals, it is also good to invest in a light with a large beam distance and spot beam capabilities. A key element of a the best hunting flashlight is the ability to mount your flashlight to your rifle. We recommend our Signature series of flashlights including the P6R Signature, P7R Signature and P18R Signature.

What is the best flashlight for hunting?

The best hunting flashlights have the ability to be adaptable to your needs, whether you require different lighting colours or functions and whether you can mount your light to a rifle is very important. Invest in a hunting torch that will either incorporate these functions in the flashlight or have compatible accessories that will elevate your flashlight to include these.

Another key feature you will want to ensure you have access to with a hunting flashlight is rechargeability. Although you cannot hunt at night or before the sun rises having lighting to set up and pack down following the day is really important, make sure you aren’t left in the dark with a flashlight that has run out of battery.

How many lumens do you need for hunting flashlight?

When looking for a hunting flashlight, you will want to find a light that has 1000 lumens or above. As you will be out in the wild setting up or packing down for the hunt in the dark you want to be able to light a dark space effectively. Another key feature of a hunting flashlight is beam distance, try for a lengthy beam distance with 1000+ lumens and you should have a top of the range hunting flashlight.

What is the best color flashlight for deer hunting?

The best hunting flashlights for deer hunting will include a red or green light function. Deer are less likely to see these two colours so utilising these lighting colours will mean that you are able to camouflage more effectively.