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Flashlight Cases and Sheaths

Flashlight sheaths are essential accessories for flashlights. They offer a convenient and secure way to carry and store your flashlight, with an adjustable attachment loop that comfortably fits any belt size. Ledlenser flashlight sheaths come in a variety of sizes to fit your model of flashlight. Whether you prefer a leather sheath for sleek protection or a durable nylon sheath with more affordability, there are options available. Flashlight sheaths allow you to conveniently always have your flashlight with you and provide protection to your flashlight.  

If you want to protect your flashlight but don’t want to use a sheath, Ledlenser offers soft and hard cases to safely store your flashlight. Cases are a great way to store your emergency flashlights in your house, your vehicle, or wherever you may need to store it. Ledlenser also carries protective hard cases for your rechargeable batteries so you can travel safely with backups. Get a sheath or case and protect your flashlight today.