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Summer Camping Tips

Posted by Zen Ecomms on
Summer Camping Tips



As the daylight fades away and the night falls in, your adventure outdoors can become troublesome as you continue your activities without the right lighting. With so many different varieties of lighting solutions to choose from, picking the right light for the right job can be tough.

To help you make the most of the night camping outdoors, here are our recommendations to help PowerUP your night:



For activities like fishing and hunting that require you to keep your hands free, the Ledlenser MH4 headlamp is our pick. Rechargeable and compatible with AA batteries, this headlamp also features a red-light – perfect for maintaining night vision. Thanks to the Advanced Focus System and the stepless swivel mechanism, experience rapid focusing wherever you direct your light.

RRP: $49.95


P6R Core Quattro Colour  FLASHLIGHT

A favorite for many hunters, anglers and photographers, the P6R Core Quattro provides red light (e.g. for glare-free night vision), green light (e.g. for wildlife observation) or blue light (e.g. for tracking) in additional to normal white light. With a maximum runtime of up to 120 hours, this torch also has a Multicolor Strobe function where it flashes light in all four colors with a confusing blinding effect for self-defense.

RRP: $99.95



For a semi-permanent lighting set up, the ML6 Lantern comes with a rubber hook and a built-in metal hook that you can use to attach to tent poles and provide lighting in your tent. With a waterproof and dustproof rating up to IP66, the ML6 is dust-proof and protected against powerful water jets, has up to 180 hours of battery life, and can switch between its 8 modes via remote control or the Ledlenser Connect App.

RRP: $119.95


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