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Perfect Camping Flashlights

At Ledlenser, we value quality and convenience above everything. Our camping flashlights combine German quality, technologically advanced thinking and a thought out design for the utmost convenience.

Here are a few points to guide you through our range of camping flashlights and highlight important aspects of our products:

  • Rechargeable camping flashlights. One of the pivotal points of flashlights and camping lights is whether they can be recharged and ready to run 24/7, because carrying around batteries and worrying whether they will be enough is not an option in the wilderness. We provide rechargeable flashlight options that will be your safest bet on all of your adventures.
  • Flashlights that last long. Our range of camping flashlights, once charged, last for an impressive amount of time. We have options that will last for up to 192 hours when used on low-power mode - enough to go for more than a week long trip with no opportunity to charge.
  • Convenient. Our flashlights are compact and lightweight, which makes it super easy to carry them with you during your adventures without having to arrange space for them.
  • Flat base. Often when you’re camping, it’s useful if the flashlight can be put down on the ground or a table safely while it illuminates your tent or the space around it. We make sure our customers have that option - our flashlights have a flat base that make it possible to put the flashlight down on a table or floor and be sure it’s not going to roll somewhere or fall and get damaged.

If you’re interested in options that might also be convenient for you during your camping trip, check out our collections of Sports Flashlights and Outdoor Flashlights.

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Our flashlights have proven themselves to withstand the toughest of conditions, and that’s why we offer a warranty period of 7 years for all of our flashlights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why flashlight is important in camping?

If you are going camping, you can be sure that you will be outside in the dark at some point on your trip. A good quality camping flashlight will illuminate your campsite providing brightness after dark.

How do I choose a camping flashlight?

When looking for flashlights and camp lighting your first priority should be recharging capabilities, to ensure you have the ability to charge your camping flashlight on the go if needed. A compact light makes for an effective outdoor camping flashlight, however a key element of the best camping flashlights is the inclusion of a flat base, this would allow you to rest the flashlight on a table or tent floor to illuminate a space.

How many lumens for camping flashlight?

The best camping flashlight will be from 300 lumens and above, this level of lumens will be sufficient enough to light a campsite, giving you enough light to cook, read or make smores.

What type of flashlights is best for camping?

A good camping flashlight will be compact and rechargeable, as you will use the flashlight over a long period of time. Recharging capabilities allow you to charge on the go, our Ledlenser recommendations include the P5R Core, P7 Core and the P6R Core.

Where to buy a camping flashlight?

Find the best camping flashlights can be purchased at