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Whether you’re riding on a rural road or off-road at night, a bright headlamp is an endlessly useful piece of gear that you should never leave home without. From the brightness to its comfortability this piece is more powerful and affordable than ever before. So if you’re a cyclist looking for a headlamp to keep you safe on the road at night, you bumped at the right place. Ledlenser finds your way with our wide range of headlamps products here.

Best Headlamp for Cycling

Get to know our versatile, compact, and easy-to-use headlamps for cyclists.

  • Brightness. The main purpose of having lights on the road is to increase your visibility to other drivers and pedestrians. Ledlenser has various types of headlamps that provide brightness at night whether you’re on the rural or off-road. It also has a nice wide illumination and you can go either to a high, medium to low or extra low.
  • Adjustable. You can easily adjust the light beam by using the focus ring with our patented advanced focus system which smoothly changes from a flood to spot beam. So whether you’re a cyclist, camper or hiker you can adjust it easily according to your light needs. The low power mode can run up to longer hours while if it's on the power mode, it can give up to 3500 lumens of bright white light perfect for rural road biking.
  • Rechargeable. One of the great features of our headlamp is its charging capability. When fully charged and used in low power mode, it can last up to 120hours of use.
  • Other functions. What’s really great about some of our headlamps (mH3 & mH5) is that they can be used as a handheld or in a fashionable light that can be clipped to your gear or backpack for extra purposes.

Planning for a weekend getaway? Wrap your nature adventure with some of our Sports and Signature Series Headlamps collection here.

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