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When you're putting together a preparedness kit, an essential item that needs to be included is a reliable source of portable light. Ledlenser have a range of products with specific features that make them ideally suited for use in emergency situations.



Headlamps that can double as flashlights. Lanterns that can double as powerbanks. Lights that can run on both rechargeable & disposable batteries. When the power goes out, having tools on hand that can do multiple things becomes even more valuable.


Ledlenser products are backed by a 7 year warranty. So you know they're built to last. When you're adding tools to a preparedness kit, you want the peace of mind in knowing that they're going to work when you need them most.


Ledlenser's superior technology means you have access to products with long lasting batteries, reliable bright light and useful features that will come in handy in a range of emergency situations.


ML6 Lantern

This is a great rechargeable lantern that offers 7 functions including SOS, high power + low power, red light and much more. It is perfect to have around the house as it lights up a room with its power and has a 70 hour run time on low power mode, which will be great for any power outages at home.

The ML6 can also act as a powerbank so you can charge electronic devices like a phone or tablet at the same time as you use it to provide light.

ML4 Lantern

The ML4 has a number of useful emergency features including boost mode, red light and blink as well as glow in the dark rings so you can easily find it in the dark.

It also has the ability to run on standard AA batteries if you;re stuck and can't recharge it through the magnetic charge system. It's powerful enough to light up your room and small enough to fit in an emergency kit.

MH3 Headlamp

A great entry level headlamp that's very easy to use around the house or in an emergency situation. It can detach from the head strap so you can use the lamp as a handheld light.

It runs on a single AA alkaline battery and has an IP54 rating that provides protection against powerful water sprays.

MH5 Headlamp

A powerful rechargeable headlamp that is also compatible with just a single AA alkaline battery. It has a 35 hour run time on low power and a beam distance of 180m and you can use the Advanced Focus System to widen the beam and light up your room.

Like the MH3 you can detach the lamp from the headstrap and use this is a desk light or handheld light, plus this headlamp has an additional red light LED if you can use to read in the dark without losing your night vision..

P5R Flashlight

One of the best flashlights to keep around the house. The P5R comes with a wall mounting cradle so you can re-charge your torch while saving space in your desk draw and it's ready to grab at any time.

Very powerful with 420 lumens of light, it does everything you need around the house and is small enough to keep in an emergency kit in your car or at home.

P3 Flashlight

The P3 is less than 4 inches long but offers a 65 yard beam distance as well as the option to use a spot or flood beam. The size & performance make it an ideal product to keep in your emergency kit.

It runs on a single AAA battery and will give you a nice 6 hour run time meaning you won’t need to replace the batteries too often, which is ideal in an emergency situation.

K4R Flashlight

Our newest keyring flashlight which comes with an SOS mode for any emergencies.

This product is perfect to carry on your car/house keys plus it has the added benefit of being rechargeable.

iF3R Area Light

One of our newest floodlights, the iF3R is just 5.5 inches in length but it will easily light up your room. On the brightest setting the if3R wil provide up to 1000 lumens of light.

It has a magnetic base + a hook so you can easily attach it to the most convenient point to light up any room or outside area.

The light is rechargeable and will provide up to 15 hours of run time.

MH11 Headlamp

The MH11 is the flagship headlamp in the Ledlenser range and has a number of features that make it useful for any number of emergency situations. There are 7 light modes available including blink, SOS, strobe and boost mode and the light can easily be controlled via the Ledlenser smartphone app.

The headlamp is rechargeable, provides up to 1000 lumens of light and also features a detachable lamp head which means it can do double duty as a desk light or handheld light.