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Show a loved one you care by giving a thoughtful and functional gift like an engravable flashlight. Ledlenser flashlights are not just flashlights; they offer unparalleled brightness, functionality, and durability.

Ledlenser's brand has reflected German quality and technology for over 20 years. Millions of people around the world have relied on our iconic flashlights and headlamps for their everyday personal, as well as professional, lighting needs. Our market-leading lighting products are functional, versatile, and reliable.

With the Ledlenser collection of engravable flashlights, we provide a wide range of brightness levels. Depending on the model of the flashlight, you can choose a lighting device that can put out anything between 10 to 15 and 4500 lumens. With each flashlight, there are several power modes that you can switch between at your convenience to adjust to the lighting requirements of your surroundings. Having these power modes is also a helpful way to preplan your use of the device's energy.

Discover our extensive selection of engraved flashlights today and introduce your recipient to the powerful and consistent lighting they provide.

Engravable Flashlight features

Here at Ledlenser, we are passionate about equipping our products with the latest technological advancements available on the market. The engraved flashlight collection features our signature Advanced Focus System and Smart Light Technology functions. Advanced Focus System allows you to switch between floodlight and spotlight modes easily.

So whether you need to direct all the light from your flashlight to a particular point or illuminate the surrounding area, you can conveniently have both options in one lighting device.

Advanced modes

Smart Light Technology helps you to tailor the light functions around your specific needs and requirements by making combinations from different light modes. For example, you can choose low power mode, red light, and SOS light function. As a result, you will have a dim, red-colored light blinking an SOS signal.

These are just a few modes you can apply with our technologically advanced engraved flashlights. Explore more and find the products that will best fit your needs.

IP Class

The IP class of a flashlight indicates whether the device can withstand the effect of external factors such as water and dust and, if it can, to what extent it can do this. While some flashlights can withstand splashes of water, others can go as far as being submerged in water for half an hour at a depth of 1.5 meters. So depending on whether your intended use involves open water sources and regular exposure to dust, you can opt for flashlights with appropriate IP classes to make your device serve you for as long as possible. Most of our engraved flashlights feature a specific IP class.

Light options

Some of our engravable flashlights feature light functions such as SOS, blink, strobe, boost, and others that might be useful in environments requiring signaling or position marking. On top of that, some models offer a red light color option, which helps improve nighttime vision and can also be used to deter certain animal species.

These additional light functions are helpful in your situation, for example, during a camping trip or hunting. In that case, purchasing an engravable flashlight with a fitting set of light options is the way to go. Not all Ledlenser flashlights can be customized, as you can't engrave on plastic casings. This collection page includes all the products we can personalize with engravings.

Customize your Ledlenser flashlight

Engravings add an exclusive and personal touch to any product, especially one meant to provide safety and illumination and accompany people in everyday life, outdoor adventures, and professional work tasks.

Here are a few reasons why customized flashlights make the perfect gift and are a great way to offer personalization for organizations:

Identification of ownership

Personalizing your flashlight can make it easier to identify in a group of similar flashlights, which is particularly useful if you are camping or participating in an activity where multiple people have flashlights. An engraved flashlight will look better in a professional setting than personalized stickers.


Customization is an essential aspect of some brands' integrity and image. We offer B2B customers their desired logo engravings, starting at 50 flashlights or headlamps.

Unique gift

A premium quality flashlight as a gift shines even more with a unique engraving, be it a name, initials, date, or a short phrase.

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