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Enjoy your camping trip, an evening out in nature or night fishing with our selection of market leading rechargeable flashlights.

With our rechargeable flashlights, there is no worrying and uncertainty around the battery - you know your flashlight will last long enough to keep you covered.

Premium Quality Rechargeable Flashlights

At Ledlenser, our mission is to provide our customers with high quality, convenient and reliable lighting options. Our flashlights feature the latest technological advancements in the industry and unparalleled German quality. That applies to our collection of rechargeable flashlights too - they’re the epitome of optimal battery, unmatched quality and utmost convenience.

Here are a few reasons why our rechargeable flashlights will be a great addition to your flashlight collection:

  • Reliable. Once charged, our flashlights can provide ample light performance, from 10-15 hours to several days. This comes in especially handy whenever you are on long trips where you don’t have an option of charging - you can be sure the flashlight won’t let you down and run out of battery unexpectedly. So whether you need to be able to always estimate how long your battery charge is going to last on a certain power mode or you just need your flashlight to last for a period of time with no additional charging - you will find a perfect option among the Ledlenser range.
  • Adjustable brightness and light options. Our rechargeable flashlights have a variety of brightness options that you can switch between whenever you need brighter or dimmer lighting. That affects how long your charged flashlight is going to last, and in some situations, it is really helpful because you can save the charge by switching to low power mode. Some of the rechargeable flashlights are also equipped with different light functions, such as S.O.S., strobe, blink, boost and more, which affects the battery life as well.
  • IP class and Ex rating. Our rechargeable flashlights have different IP classes, and some professional models even have certain Ex ratings. IP class defines to what extent a flashlight can be exposed to external factors like water and dust without being damaged. The Ex rating indicates that a flashlight is safe to use in hazardous areas. So in case you are planning to use your flashlight in some intense environments - our collection of rechargeable flashlights is the best fit, as they are not only reliable in terms of battery but are also fit for use in extreme conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best rechargeable flashlight?

The best rechargeable flashlight is one that offers durability, reliability and meets your needs depending on your intended use. You might want to consider what brightness you need from your rechargeable flashlight and the optimal power mode. We offer designs featuring a brightness of under 100 lumens as well as ones with above 1000 lumens. You might also want to consider how long you need your rechargeable flashlight to last once charged - you can find flashlights with several hours of battery life as well as models that can last for days. Things like IP class, Ex rating and light color options might also be important factors in your decision-making process. Take these into consideration, and you can make an informed decision about which rechargeable flashlight would be the best one for you.

Where to buy a rechargeable flashlight?

At Ledlenser, we offer an extensive range of market leading rechargeable flashlights that provide convenience, reliability and durability. Shop our selection of rechargeable flashlights today and get free shipping on orders over $80 US-wide.

Are rechargeable flashlights any good?

Yes, rechargeable flashlights are a very modern and technologically advanced type of flashlights. They have all the same functions as any battery-operated flashlight. Depending on the model, they have adjustable brightness and lighting options, are resistant to exposure to water and dust, have a good beam distance, long runtime and offer durability.

The only thing that matters in terms of the rechargeable flashlights being different from the battery-operated ones is their convenience, as it depends on the situation. If you have a situation where you need to be sure about your flashlight not running out of power for a long time, or you know beforehand that you will not be able to get extra batteries, then rechargeable flashlights are a great option for you.

How long do rechargeable flashlights last?

It depends on a particular flashlight and what power mode you are using. We offer an extensive selection of rechargeable flashlights that have options to last from several hours to several days, depending on the model and power mode. So if you are in search of rechargeable flashlights that will have you covered for a long trip, you can find great options here at Ledlenser.

How do I choose a rechargeable flashlight?

There are a couple of factors you need to take into account when deciding what kind of rechargeable flashlight to choose:

  • How long do you need the battery to last once charged on different power modes? We have a range of rechargeable battery operated flashlights, and whether you need the ones that last for days on low power mode or not - there is an ideal flashlight model for you.
  • Lumen output. How bright do you want your rechargeable flashlight to be and what distance should it be able to illuminate?
  • IP class. If you are planning to take your rechargeable flashlight on a trip with you, make sure you are getting the one with the right IP class to ensure it can stand up to the conditions you need it for.

Are rechargeable flashlights better than batteries?

They’re neither better nor worse - it all depends on your particular needs regarding the flashlight. For example, if changing batteries is easier for you, you can stick to the battery-operated flashlights, but if charging is more convenient and more widely available, then rechargeable flashlights will work best.

Are rechargeable batteries worth it?

Rechargeable flashlights are very reliable, durable and convenient to use - they are a worthwhile investment if you need a solid, all-round performance flashlight.

Is it OK to leave batteries in the flashlight?

While it is OK to leave batteries in the flashlight, it is not the most optimal course of action. Batteries left in the flashlight corrode faster over time, negatively affecting both the flashlight and the batteries.